Mental health and sport has always been a passion of mine. 7 years ago I developed BelievePerform one of the UKs largest sport psychology websites with the main aim of reducing the stigma attached to mental health in sport. As part of my support I offer a range of mental health services for athletes of all levels and ages which include:

  • Managing pre match nerves

    • I help athletes to understand how nerves are impacting their performance and help to provide them with practical coping skills to reduce anxiety.​

  • Dealing with injuries

    • Going through an injury​ can be a traumatic time for any athlete and I help athletes to build positive mental health

  • Relaxation skills for athletes

    • I work with athlete to provide them with a number of practical exercises and activities that they can add to their psychologic​al toolbox.

  • Building confidence and self esteem

    • Sport can be a challenging environment ​where athletes go through ups and down. I work with athletes to help them to understand how to maintain and regularly invest in building their confidence.