Over the last 5 years I have worked in numerous school environments supporting students to improve their wellbeing and mental health. If you are a parent looking for support for your son or daughter I offer a range of services for adolescents (13-18yrs) to help with:

  • Anxiety

    • Worry and anxiety are common factors which affect each and every one of us. For some adolescents the worries and anxiety can become uncontrollable and excessive and can negatively impact their thoughts, behaviours and day to day activities. I work with people to help them learn how to manage their anxiety and put different strategies in place to not only manage negative thoughts and physical symptoms but to also build positive mental health.

  • Exam nerves

    • The exam period can be a stressful time for young people. I can provide adolescents with a number of practical coping skills to help reduce their nerves and anxiety.

  • Perfectionism

    • Perfectionism involves setting standards that are so high they either cannot be met or are only met with great difficulty. For some young people these standards can negatively impact their emotions, thoughts and behaviours. I work with young people to develop more balanced beliefs that help to achieve their goals and reduce stress and anxiety. 

  • Building exam confidence

    • I help adolescents to prepare for GCSES and A Levels. I use principles of CBT to build their exam confidence and support them in enhancing their self esteem.

  • School anxiety

    • Dealing with the pressure and stress of school can negatively impact a a young persons mental health. I work with students to build positive coping skills to ​help manage anxiety and increase confidence.

  • Low self-esteem/confidence

    • We all experience moments within our life where we lack confidence and don't feel good about ourselves. Experiencing long periods of low self esteem can negatively impact a young persons wellbeing and day to day activities. I work with young people to help them build their confidence by identifying strategies to manage unhelpful thoughts and engage with activities that give them a sense of meaning, purpose and value.